work is very very busy right now.  I wake up when the alarm goes off, or sometimes before, and immediately try to remember what I have to do today, what day is it? where am I? Even when I know I can snooze the things I need to get done tug at me.

I may not be doing them in the most efficient ways.

But I still keep knocking things out, moving onto the next thing, fixing an issue, negotiating a business matter, replying to an email, doing some research.

In fact writing this made me start thinking about the client that had gotten pushed back due to companies emergencies and skipped over to email to write a lovely letter of apology and solutions.

I AM NOT COMPLAINING! For once I am not worried about money.  I have rent paid. I’m not rich. I make my money due to what my time is worth to people.  I have never expanded into people working for me, had some partners for awhile but freelance consulting is a nerve wracking experience, as well as dreams and needs change, and my lovely friends moved onto better for them things.

I am proud of what I’ve done with the past 20 years of my life.  I’m not perfect but I have built a life from scratch in this city.  It probably comes from the same drive that sent generations of my family across the vast plains of this country to the remote place to dig out farms and create lives from scratch.

I’m moving again. My current place is a stopgap.  This is the last hurdle. Finding the apartment.  The one that I can plant myself in.  With the nook for work adn writing, the space to paint and a real live room of my own.

Life has streamlined my dreams in a huge way.

I’m not complaining.


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  1. Mona says:


    if you’re still looking for a place call me. seriously!

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