Had an early morning appointment and I was only awake enough to remember to make coffee and spill it all over everything before I had to leave.

Now I’m sitting at a Starbucks watching auto fill screw my attempt at cell phone entry all over the place.

But I am not a quitter. Slow? yes. Fail a lot? You betcha. Quit? Fuck you. Stubborn unyielding determination takes people a lot of places talent and intelligence can’t get off their ass to get to.

So I type. On my sideways phone. Watching where my thumbs go more than crafting clever sentences in my head.

No insights today. Simply one more step forward.


2 Responses to Almost missed it

  1. APRIL says:

    What makes magic Mormon undies more magic than, say, Episcopalian undies? Why are men’s undies magic and wimmin’s ain’t? What I loved bout having a Mormon run for prez was no required More Christian than thou contest between combatants? Eliminate it. Barney Frank for first Jewish prez! A socialist atheist. I’m a WASAM. White Anglo Saxon atheist mystic. Can’t help it if I have visions from most world religions plus shamanistic and idiosyncratic. My shrink sez they’re bona fide mystical. Fave of all time is by Meister Eckhardt who said, “When the soul and God merge, both the soul and God disappear and there is only a vast desert.” Sorry, not dessert. Woman mystics have a hard time cause they have husbands. St Catherine of Siena prayed God to off her family and he did. Struck em dead with plague or sumpin. Enough ahreddy.

  2. marsha says:

    men and women mormon garments are the same ability to protect and remind you to choose the right. :) But the men get to have the priesthood and be “head of the household.” – Hi April:)

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